Rebar Bending Robot CS 40 MEP

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Automatic installation with electronic programming for the production of stirrups and folds of medium and large dimensions, with bends on one or both ends. The CS 40 bending installations allow maximum production flexibility, reducing the manual intervention of the operator during the production cycle, thus guaranteeing a high production.

The folds are made by means of a series of combined actions of the folding mandrels aided by the central clamping clamp of the material The version, provides a single folding bender; In this case the action of the central clamp is replaced by the action of lateral bolts which, in addition to constituting the elements that perform the bends, by means of a rotary movement, perform the function of blocking the bars, allowing the movement of the unit Mobile or the same bars depending on the folding cycle.

• Range of diameters that can work: from 6 to 40 mm
• Distance between the axes of the mandrels of the two folding units: 1,500 mm (version “CS”); Maximum 12,000 mm