Automatic Production Center Rebar BAR WISER 26/28 SCHNELL

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• Year of manufacture: 2011

Bar rebar works, important for building work

Cutting and bending machine with automatic loader, evacuation
Automatic, according to EHE standard.


• 1 wire up to: 8 ÷ 26 mm
• 2 wires up to: 8 ÷ 20 mm
• 3 wires up to: 8 ÷ 12 mm
• Double max angle: 180 °
• Central mandrels: 40 ÷ 200 mm
• Max trawl speed: 180 m / min
• Max bending speed: 476 ° / sec
• Average energy consumption: 16 kW / h
• Working pressure: 7 bar

BAR WISER 26/28 is a very powerful double-bending spindle with double bending heads for the production of iron in bars with processing capacity up to Ø 26mm or double Ø 20mm or triple Ø 12mm. For its characteristics of flexibility and power.

BAR WISER 26/28, is particularly suitable for medium-large centers of profiling plant replacing the traditional cutting bench and folding robot, or in general for those centers that aim at the classification on board machine. Thanks to the optional storage trolley, it is possible to carry out the automatic sorting of the bars and profiles, regardless of their different diameters and dimensions. The car is automatically managed by the control software of the machine.

In addition: Thanks to the two folding groups of which the machine is equipped, it allows:

– Increase productivity by eliminating downtime due to the transfer of the head of the upper work line to the lower one;

– Perform simultaneous bending: an almost simultaneous processing of the two bending heads is obtained in the respective work lines.

– Automatic loading of the bar with the application of ‘GENIUS’: the operator becomes a supervisor

Genius Automatic Charger. It allows to load the bars in fully automatic mode, without the intervention of the operator

Multi-purpose mobile car: can move from one diameter to another in a few seconds, greatly reducing production times

Mobile evacuation trolley, automatically controlled by machine control software.