Cage Making Machine GTM 200/1100/16E/16 Telescopic SCHNELL

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PRODUCT CODE: GTM 200/1100/16E/16 Telescopic

The cage making machine GTM 200/1100/16E/16 Telescopic SCHNELL, produces cylindrical and prismatic poles with welded spiral and programmable pitch, but thanks to equipment with a set of servomotors, the new monobloc structure, it is a more flexible, faster, safer, innovative and transportable machine, specially designed so that it can frequently be transported directly on the site, is equipped with: a new rack for the longitudinal bars, which can easily be packed and transported.

Technical characteristic:

• Cage Ø: min 200 mm; max 1100 mm
• Average electric power consumption: 5 (15) kW/h
• Max cage’s weight: 5 t
• Max cage’s length: 16 mts
• Max Coil Ø: 6 – 16 mm
• Spiral pitch: 50 – 500 mm
• Longitudinal bars Ø: 12 – 32 mm #4 – #10
• Average air absorbed consumption: 1 (15) l/min (7 bar)