Automatic Production Center Rebar PROGRESS ESR 16-2BK/ 1Tw

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Monoline straightening and cutting machine mod. ESR 16, with fully automatic diameter change.

Composed by:

• A straightening equipment, consisting of 1 rotor with five bushings managed by the computer, thus that predisposes them to to optimize the selected diameter straightened
• A group of wire advance constituted by a double set of drive rollers, and by a servomotor which allows to modify and set the yarn speed electronically before cutting, with speed synchronization winders
• A team for the automatic insertion of the wire in the rotor straightening group. The diameter change is done automatically by selecting the wire placed in a warehouse in 6 diameters, and then insert it into the two drive rollers
• A cabin for sound insulation of the rotor and advancement group
• Automation of model bent 2BK/1Tw
• For bidirectional bending of the two cut ends of the bars, as well as to produce stirrups
• Composed by: two bending heads moving bidirectional
• Electrically actuated electronically controlled by servo motors. Bending angle: 180 down, 180 up

Technical characteristics:

• Straightening System: With one rotor
• Wire diameters to work: 8-10 – 12 – 16 mm
• Max. cutoff: 10,000 mm
• Wire feed speed: Up to 140 meters per minute
• Changing the diameter: Auto, in 25 seconds
• Production: cut and bent bars, stirrups
• Installed power: 35 kW
• Supply voltage: 380 V, 50 Hz
• Year fabrication 2007
• Incluid six basament pay/of and six holder coils