Automatic Production Center Rebar SYNTAX 16 MEP

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Center  automatic production of rebar, bidirectional, with electronic programming for the manufacture of stirrups of small and large dimensions, straightened straight bars to measure and straightened bars, with bent at one or both ends, up to a length of 12 meters. It has a second drag group, guaranteeing a correct displacement and drag of the bars, achieving a perfect bending at both ends. Automatic straightening process, directed from plc computer, according to the diameters to be processed. They are delivered with five basement pay/off, five roll holders, a 12m bar discharge bench and a mobile tray for unloading already processed bars.

Touch Computer, automatic diameter change, Linux operating system. Year 2006.

Technical characteristics

• Main crawl advance speed: 1,5m/s
• Secondary feedrate: 0.7m/s
• Folding speed: 1000º/s
• Cutting speed: 4/10s

Electrical implant data

• Working voltage: 380/440
• Frequency: 50/60hz
• Installed power: 34kw
• Conductor section: 25mm